2018 Affiliation / Memberships

Queensland Full Registration - (See Note 1) $73 per year including GST
Seasonal Registration (Max of 6 Months) $44 per season including GST
Monthly Registration $15 per month including GST
Full Remote Registration (See Note 2) $33 per year including GST
Associate Registration (Non-playing members) $33 per year including GST
Club Registration (See Note 3) $250 per year including GST


1. To be entitled to play in state tournaments and/or state selection players must be Queensland Full Registered members.

2. Remote Member definition is players whose primary club is greater than 300km from a major squash centre (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville, Cairns, Rockhampton, Mackay) and entitles players to Player Insurance, not entitled to state tournaments and state selection.

3. Q Squash Club Registration is for Clubs who wish to be Q Squash Affiliated and entitled to Public Liability Insurance and the other club entitlements including Government Grants, Sanctioned Events, etc. but do not have 80% of members affiliated with Q Squash.

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